First and foremost, as a boutique consultant firm, we provide very specific services to corporate leaders, who are in search of innovative answers to align their organizational development with the equation which brings together Purpose, Profit and Impact.

We believe that achieving a good implementation is better than having a perfect plan. We praise the talent and ability of leaders who are great at designing Grand Vision and Strategy. However, we fully agree with the well-known advises that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and “the devil is in detail”.

We believe that implementations which rely heavily on “command and control management” are no longer effective to promote sustainable organization development for the long run. In a world where innovation and change are the business as usual mode, organizations must develop, attract, and retain talents. Talents and ability to perform as a working team are key factors for the survival and prosperity of organizations as we progress towards the knowledge economy. Talents and teamwork don´t get along within stringent command and control conditions.

We believe that in knowledge organization environment, leadership must be increasingly aware of the “communicative constitution of organizations”. Since the beginning of the 21st century, high stature researchers and corporate practitioners are insisting that an effective leadership must master communication knowledge and ability as an strategic tool.

We believe that in the age of digital transformation and internet social networks, leadership requires ultimately the ability to promote an effective internal collaborative teamwork climate and simultaneously the ability to engage in complex conversation with stakeholders and diversified audiences. In this context, Strategic Communication is a sine qua non for people in the leadership role.  

Last but not the least, we believe that reform incrementalism is not going to sort the big troubles and challenges that we are facing now. It is time to be realistic and admit that complex issues can´t be solved by simplistic formulas. Only with a substantive change of mindset we may work out new paths of development and prosperity. Fortunately, it seems that now there is a growing perception that the time has come to be bold, roll up our sleeves, and work out together the urgent changes we need to do.

Good news: things start changing when we eventually admit having a trouble that we can´t no longer ignore!